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- Radio Island 2/22/15 -

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 12:13 am

Visibility was maybe 5 feet but more like 3 feet. The ocean was very angry so the sand made it to the rocks. Water temp 45 according to some my computer and watch read 43. Not sure why I didn't get super cold in only a 5mm. Guess it was the excitement to get back in the water. Look forward to warmer water soon!

Author: thebigdiver

- 23 MIle and Sue's Ledge with AS on Oct. 25 -

Posted: Sat Oct 25, 2014 9:04 pm

Had set up a charter with Aquatic Safaris for the ledges trying to
work in one more NC dive this year. Sometimes you win and
sometimes you loose. This time it came up 4 aces. Good
group on the boat. Air temp rose to about 70.
Seas started at 2 ft and dropped to 1 ft the
rest of the day. Bright blue sky and almost no wind. Water on
the ledges was in the 70s. Lowest I saw was 72 on Sue's and
73 on 23 miles. No current on either ledge. Viz was 45 ft on
Sue's and 35 ft on 23 mile. Lots of life. Turtles on both ledges.
Quite a few tropicals including some butterfly fish. Lots of
angels. Plus folks saw rays, king mackerel, triggers, and lots of other
stuff. Dove with regular buddy Michael Martin. A great way
for me to wrap up the NC dive season. Some photos on my
facebook page ... 201&type=3

Author: Steve_Campbell

- Gill on Sept 13 with Aquatic Safaris -

Posted: Sat Sep 13, 2014 8:11 pm

It was supposed to be heavy rains and thunderstorms so I went diving. That heavy rain happened to and from the coast but Mama nature smiled on us. 1-2 ft seas all day. Bright sun. Flying fish on the way out. Dove the Gill. 23 miles out in 90 ft of water. Lots of fish life: Folks saw a few sand tiger sharks, large schools of cuda, file fish, grouper, several tropicals, yellow tail snappers, eels, some nice jellies including a moon jelly, etc.. Great day on the water. Met some nice folks from DC. Two good dive buddies. I find the Gill very photogenic with 70 years of marine growth covering the ruins of a sunken tanker. A few photos on my facebook page.

Water on top was a gorgeous clear blue. Lots of life around to amuse you on the hang bar. Dropping down at about 40 ft there was a very mild thermocline. Below the thermocline the viz was 30-40 ft depending on location. Top layer in the 80s. Bottom layer was 79. Very slight current. Some sargassum weed scattered on top. watched stuff play in it during the SI.

Author: Steve_Campbell

- Dredge and Stone with AS on Aug. 16 -

Posted: Sat Aug 16, 2014 11:14 pm

Two nice dives today on the Stone and the Dredge Wreck with Aquatic Safaris. Stone is a sunken tugboat. Dredge is a ship that sunk around 1920. Now piles of bricks and machine parts. Water was 80 top to bottom. Viz was 15-20 ft. Seas were 1-2 ft. Viz better up higher. No current. Particulate ruled out taking any distant shots.

Number of tropicals including juvenile blue tang, queen angels. We saw a number of small, half inch fish. Bright blue with stripe on top, yellow on the bottom. Probably an immature damsel fish of some type. Found a couple very small nudibranchs. Maybe 3/4 of an inch. Not our usual goddesses. Note the white spots. Also saw filefish, flounder, and a lot of others.

Photos on my facebook page.

Author: Steve_Campbell

- Hyde Markham on July on July 19 -

Posted: Sat Jul 19, 2014 11:29 pm

Well the dives on Friday and Sat AM got blown out. Paul of AS decided that things were calming down and we departed at noon on Sat. to 4 ft seas for the Hyde and Markham. Seas were 3 ft by the time we got there and were down to 2 ft for the SI. Good call.

Lowest water temp was 77 on both dives. Viz was down from what it had been. About 10 ft on the Markham, a bit better on the Hyde. A good 15 ft. On the hang bar horizontal viz was 25-30 ft. In some places the surge had churned up some particulate but most places the water was just hazy.

Hard to tell how many but there were sand tigers back on the Hyde. Saw them three times. Two large remora were real pests on the hang bar. Funny watching divers push them off.

Usual fish and critters. Lots of amberjack on the Markham. They kept swimming by.

Couple pleasant dives. First was an hour long (air limited). Second about 40 minutes (NDL limited).

Some pictures on my facebook page

Author: Steve_Campbell

- Gill on June 20 with AS -

Posted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 9:58 pm

Two dives today on the Gill. Very enjoyable dives. Water was warm down to 70 ft. Then a thermocline and cool water below that. High 70s on top. 73 down on the Gill. Viz was 60-70 ft in both layers. Very little particulate. No current in the top layer. Mild but noticeable current in the bottom layer. Lots of fish life. Large bait schools. Large numbers of amberjack. Number of flounder. Several tropicals. Nice eel. Large sandy kept cruising around and posing for pictures. Couple other types of sharks seen by other divers. Very nice dives.

I like the Gill. Saw almost 60 minutes of bottom time.

Some pictures posted on my facebook page.

Author: Steve_Campbell

- U 701, Green Bouy wreck, Lancing June 7,8,9 2014 -

Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2014 4:41 pm

We had a great 3 day weekend on the Under Pressure, we got to dive a lot of really cool seldom visited stuff! The Atlantic Wreck Divers had the weekend and monday and tuesday booked. They wanted to do the 701 and the conditions decided to cooperate, which is rare! We headed out for an overnighter on Saturday. The wind was coming from the northeast and it got a bit rough as we went past the shoals, still it wasn't bad compared to some trips I have done. We got to the 701 and there was only about a half knot of current. If you have ever been there you know that a half knot on the 701 is a godsend! We dove it for most of the day, from the time I tied in until the time I untied it picked up to a knot but as I said that's still pretty good for the 701! The hull is sanded in in the middle by the conning tower but as you head to the bow and the stern it is completely uncovered with about 5 feet of water to the sand at the ends. The 701 is in about 110 feet of water but you might hit 125 in some of the wash outs. The temp went from low 70's when we first got there to around 75 or so when the current picked up.
Here is the 88 mm deck gun, sorry that I haven't done more pictures but my strobe is headed to the repair shop, this was actually shot with the cameras onboard flash! ... =1&theater
After the swarthy crew got their fill of the 701 we headed to the Green Bouy wreck, purported to be the Ciltvaria, the Mirlo or The San Delfino..... The conditions were pretty good, about 40 feet of vis, 74 degrees and almost no current. It's a HUGE wreck in two main sections that are easily jumped the depth is about 110 to 120 feet in places. Karen was kind enough to leave us a reel line to find the bow section when she found it (damn rebreathers he he he). The bow and the stern are just massive, probably the coolest item on the site is the Deck gun on the stern which is pretty much lying on it's starboard side. The mid section of the wreck is mostly upside down and is partially intact in places, other places have broken down into debris. the bow section has fallen over on it's side at the tip of the bow and there is a massive anchor up there. We quickly spotted the deck gun on the back. As Gary Gentile stated in his book the Ciltvaria had no gun so that one is ruled out. We are now embroiled in the big Debate over which wreck it is.............. Love that stuff. I have been looking up stuff all day. A few made in England tiles were found, but since all 3 ships were British that isn't gonna help much :?
We spent the night on the Green Bouy wreck and dove her twice on Sunday the conditions improved, the vis got better, seas slacked off and there was no current to the point where the anchor line was just slack, the weight of the chain had pulled it down onto the wreck and the line was just hanging there. After we got our fill we took the long as hell ride back to Hatteras Landing, I cleaned the boat, drove back to Wanchese and crashed out hard. Had to be up at 4 to head back on Monday, we were trying to dive the E M Clark but the fishing boats we rely on for information told us there was a pretty stiff current out there. We agreed to go dive the Lancing which is a MASSIVE wreck in 170 feet of water The water on top was crazy clear blue but unfortunately it got greener, murkyer, and colder at about 120 feet, it wasn't bad but I have had better dives on the Lancing.
The Lancing is upside down, it is broken in two in the middle with no separation of halves. The many boilers spill out of the sides and clutter up the break in the hull. She seems to have had many small boilers instead of just a few large ones. She was built as a whaling ship in 1898, later converted to a tanker, she was sunk on April
7 1942 by German U boat ace Eric Topp in U552. Known locally as the slick wreck, she is still full of oil, as you swim down the keel you may see the oil drifting out of holes in the hull, the oil twists into weird snakelike shapes as it oozes out of the hull and gets pushed around by the water. On a past trip a diver penetrating the wreck actually came up into the oil! I give him massive amounts of credit for living through that episode! It would take some calm clear thinking not to panic. Proceed into the hull with great caution! I always point my light up and watch for the mirror like shine of the oil when I venture inside. So far I haven't gone far enough inside to have seen it but I know damn good and well it's there! It's nowhere for novices that is for sure,wires and cables hang down, and the crushed up parts of the walls and bulkheads don't look like they would on an intact ship as everything is falling apart. Probably the most incredible feature on the Lancing is the prop and rudder. They are just freaking enormous. The rudder is hanging on by one pintle and it won't be long before it falls. ... =3&theater
The second most impressive sight on the Lancing is the bow. It is SO BIG it is hard to describe. The point of the bow hits the sand in the deepest part of the wreck at about 170 feet. It stands at least forty feet above the sand, ... =3&theater Hopefully this picture says 1000 words.
We did a long dive on the Lancing and then headed back to Hatteras as the seas picked up and got snotty.
It was a kick ass weekend of real wreck diving with some of the best wreck divers there are!
I can't wait for more.

Author: wanchesemhc

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